The Art of Yoga Business

The Essential Online Course To Help Your Yoga Business
Thrive With Integrity, Authenticity & Heart

Is This You?


You want to start a yoga business but have no idea how or where to begin

You constantly worry about how to make more money in your business

You’re ready to leave your corporate career, but don’t know how to transition to becoming a yoga business owner

♥ You’re teaching 20+ classes a week and burning out just to make ends meet

This unique, tailor-made online program is designed specifically for you in mind, the yoga teacher, to support you with all the skills to becoming a business owner with a healthy, sustainable and profit generating business.

You don’t need to work harder, you just need to know how to work smarter.

Guiding You Through Your Biz Journey is

Ondine Savage

Who am I?

With almost two decades of teaching experience, I’ve been where you are.

As the owner of a flourishing yoga studio and an entrepeneur, I started my biz with no business plan, no marketing strategy and zero idea of what I was doing. I just made things up as I went along. I pounded pavements handing out flyers, I fumbled around social media with no game plan, and just a handful of people came to my classes for at least the first year of my business.

Despite it all, I’m still here 13 years later. I have a lot of experience under my belt and I want to help you avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes I made along the way. In this course, I’ll share everything I learned on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur and running a sustainable business with a community of loyal customers.

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Biz Talk & Tips With Bryony Lancaster

Join me and power house entrepeneur and Egg of The Universe studio owner, Bryony Lancaster for this amazing podcast conversation. Tap into Bryony’s incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise as we dive into all things teaching and being in business. You won’t want to miss this super jam packed/full of golden nuggets talk-fest!

Click HERE to register to listen

Customer Retention & Loyalty

I’ll show you how to nurture every customer on their journey within your business, so they become raving fans

Brand Strategy

Stand out from the crowd by confidently being YOU and letting your personality shine. I’ll show you ways to tap into your authenticity

Boost Your Marketing Skills

Learn marketing secrets that feel aligned with your soul and are simple yet extremely effective


Learn how to generate a healthy mindset around money, earning and how to price your offerings appropriately

Expert Knowledge

You’ll have access to my almost twenty years of experience running an in person studio and an online business

Essential Keys

Learn the essential keys to becoming a great teacher, so you’ll teach more, earn more and create a community of loved up customers

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with Ondine and through her Yoga Retreat Creation course, gain the benefit of her experience in running successful retreats. There are so many things to consider, and pieces to fit together, when planning and hosting a retreat and Ondine covered these in a step-by-step program that is very comprehensive, yet simple to follow. I would recommend this program to anyone who is considering running a yoga retreat, not only for the content and to build your confidence, but because Ondine is a wonderful motivator and supporter – she challenged some limiting beliefs of mine, but in a kind and supportive way, which was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Ondine. x

Jo Moloney

Jo Moloney Yoga

The 5 Modules

Each module will be an in-depth exploration into the most important skills you’ll need to know to run a yoga business, earn money and create offerings that people will love to be a part of…

1. 10 Essential Keys For Teaching Success
  • You don’t want to be just a good teacher, you want to be a great one, so you’ll get asked to teach regularly, fill your classes, serve more people and make a great income from your passion. In this first module, I reveal 10 essential skills and qualities all exceptional teachers need.
2. Building A Business From The Ground Up
  • The steps required to start your own business
  • When should you quit your day job?
  • The mindset and discipline required to succeed in business
  • Information on how to set up your business including; creating an online presence, payment systems, insurance, terms and conditions, tax and a whole lot more…
3. Marketing
  • How to market your business in a way that feels less salsey and more aligned to your values
  • How to build a community of raving customers
  • Email marketing and how to grow your list
  • Storytelling and copywriting
  • Social media essentials
4. The Energy Of Money
  • Money mindset tips
  • Your worth
  • Pricing your offerings
  • Time management
  • Boundaries and leadership
5. How To Set Up Your Own Studio - A Practical Guide
  • A step by step guide to get you started. We’ll look at what you need to keep in mind before committing to hiring a space including; business plans, choosing a location, start up costs and so much more. This module is an in-depth look at what will be required of you financially and energetically to start your very own yoga studio.

What this program will do for you

  • Enhance your future earning potential. Guaranteed!
  • Build confidence in your ability to teach and serve from a place of authenticity
  • Expand your business potential by learning skills to become a smart business owner
  • Give you skills to immediately apply solid business techniques to get your business off the ground
  • Create a business that aligns with your values and offerings that reflect them
  • Help you learn the necessary skills to become a multifaceted entrepreneur
  • Build a community through connection and service
  • Help you grow as a teacher and person


Who is the course for?
  • Ideal for new yoga teachers fresh out of their training or teachers who have a few years teaching experience but are still struggling to find their way.
  • This course is designed to provide you with the business foundations and experiential insights to kickstart your wellness entrepreneurship or to revitalize your existing business.
How will the content be delivered?

This is a self-study course. Once you’ve purchased the program, you’ll be sent an email with how to access the video content and bonus resources. 

Access to the course material will be available for a total of 12-months, after which time the content will no longer be available for viewing. My decision to limit access time is because I want you to have some skin in the game and commit to your business vision by implementing the material learned in a timely manner. I also want you to hold yourself responsible for completing the course within this time frame so you’re less likely to procrastinate or hold off watching the content until “you have more time”. Your commitment and dedication is required, as well as your desire to learn and utilise the strategies shared here.

Will the content be downloadable?

The video content will not be downloadable. This is to ensure my Intellectual Property is protected. However, the additional bonus resources provided will be fully downloadable. It’s best to take comprehensive notes and do all the suggested tasks to help you integrate and assimilate the teachings within the program as you go. 

Are payment plans available?

Yes. If you require a payment plan, please reach out to discuss this with me personally.

Is there a refund policy?

This program has been created and designed with the utmost thought for the individual participating, therefore no refunds will be considered after your initial purchase. If you’re unsure if the program is the right fit for you, feel free to connect with me via email or via one of the Discovery Zoom calls on offer.

You’ll receive

  • Twelve pre-recorded video presentations. This is where we share the creative and logistical steps to building your business
  • Bonus resources to help you integrate the teachings
  • Private email contact with me during the entirety of the course
  • The opportunity to have individual business mentoring with me at a reduced rate (for being a course participant).
    Please enquire with me directly if this option interests you.

Are you ready to create a successful business?

Independent study
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I really enjoyed the easy to follow, guided steps towards meditation practice. The course was set out to start and stop as I needed. Also the bonus resources helped me to understand more about the research and benefits of meditation. Highly recommended.

Michelle C

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Independent study
(course content + bonus resources)


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