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I have been attending the Hatha Yoga Sydney on and off for two years now undertaking Hatha Yoga and Meditation Classes with Ondine Savage. It is a truly wonderful experience in a supportive and caring environment that is conducive to learning all there is to learn about this particular yoga practice. Like most 21st century humans I lead a very busy life –  inside and outside of the work environment. My work requires me to travel frequently both domestically and internationally so it has always been a challenge to find the time, energy and strength to dedicate myself to yoga. Ondine has been incredibly accommodating in this by allowing me to attend classes when possible, in understanding that I cannot often commit to regular, sustained periods of time and to work with me on achieving the best outcomes that suit me.

You are treated like an individual and constantly reminded that you are on your own journey and what may suit others may not be for you…but with sustained practice, encouragement and support from an excellent teacher you will discover a sense of purpose around your yoga and meditation practice all the while being supported by a fantastic teacher, mentor, motivator. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ondine and have referred several friends to her – and the response has always been a positive endorsement. And her sense of humour makes some of those challenging poses all that easier at times! Sign up, engage and you will reap the rewards too!

Donal Ducie

I have been a student of Ondine Savage for about 3 years now and attend classes with Ondine 4 times a week, sometimes at lunchtime with fellow work mates. The energy and atmosphere in the studio, which she has created at Redfern, is very wholesome and caring not only coming from Ondine but amongst the students as well from all different backgrounds as we lie on our mats in perfect equanimity.

Ondine is a very talented and proficient yoga teacher with many experiences and offers an authentic yoga practice and teachings. Ondine has a pleasant manner and is very respectful as she carries out a slight adjustment of you here and there with a cheeky quip, which is non-judgmental and makes you laugh at yourself. As one of her older students, I have found Ondine’s classes very rewarding in that I come away with a calm mind, being more present and having a more balanced attitude to life with no expectations.  Ondine’s teachings   have assisted me not only from a mindfulness perspective but my practice with Ondine as my teacher has improved my posture, flexibility and strength. I feel very lucky to embrace yoga now and to have found a wonderful teacher in Ondine who has enriched my life.

Andrea Wilson

Thank you so much Ondine for the holistic coaching call. I have been wanting to improve my diet for the last 2 years, but I was putting it off thinking it was too much of a challenge. From just the one hour I spoke with you I learnt so much about digestion and how our body works with food. I had some really big wow moments, where I realised that I had been taught certain things all my life that were actually very ineffective.

Within 7 days my life already looks VERY different. I’ve been able to implement very effective changes, that haven’t even taken much more time then usual. My approach to food has completely shifted. I now enjoy it, as opposed to it feeling like a chore. I don’t snack anymore, I understand my digestion process in a completely different way through Ayurvedic science.

I’m connecting with my food and body and have actually learnt some spiritual lessons, just from the way I eat! I’m so surprised how easy it’s been and felt how much of your passion and attention went it to it. This has 100% been the best investment I’ve made towards my health.

Gemma Chadwick

Two years ago I was seeking a return to simplicity and respite from the static of endless yoga lifestyle trends. And I feel so fortunate to have found my way to Ondine, a teacher who embodies the true integrity and grace of yoga. The depth of Ondine’s training, commitment to her students and personal practice shines through in her classes. I relish them for their quiet rigour, unique asana sequences and Ondine’s authentic, generous and good-humoured guidance on the path of practice.

Lisa Kelly

The yoga community means so much to Ondine but, oh boy, how much being part of Ondine’s yoga community can mean to her students.

Time spent in her classes is nourishing and challenging, many days tiring but also so rewarding. She genuinely cares about the students – and their myriad issues – and in return I know that many long-term yoga students rate her as one of the best teachers they have ever had.

As a yogi friend of 40-years experience said after discovering Ondine’s classes “You are so lucky to have found her”. And Ondine’s retreats are just magic. I would go to every one if I could and I have friends who come from as far away as north Queensland to attend.

Ondine also has had such a traditional grounding in yoga you know you are in safe hands that stretch back throughs scores of years of traditional teachers. Her classes seem to have a different focus each week and she also adjusts them depending on weather and what she can tell of the “general mood” in the room.

She gently incorporates humour and the capacity to make older, injury and stiffness-riddled students like me, feel at home and capable of belonging and advancing. I would highly recommend her classes … and already have to so many of my friends that sometimes retreats also act as reunions.

Diana McR

I’ve been learning Hatha Yoga with Ondine for over 2 years now and find my weekly class a welcoming, challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. As someone who’s never been a fan of exercise I started off incredibly stiff and shakey but with Ondine’s guidance and support I’ve seen my abilities grow week on week. The many months of stretching, bending and holding has transformed my fitness, flexibility, strength and overall happiness. The class is something I look forward to, and rarely miss – it brings the perfect calm and realignment to my week.

Jessica Waal

Lunchtime yoga classes have become like a vitamin tonic to me. I walk into class feeling grumpy and tired, and walk out feeling revitalised and cheerful. Ondine is a patient, caring and knowledgable teacher whose enthusiasm for yoga is quite contagious. Since starting classes I am stronger and more flexible, my posture has improved and I am a lot more focused.
Karen McCaffrey

Ondine’s teaching style is traditional, precise, and comes from deep experience and knowledge of Yoga. You can practice at your level, and your edge will be gently pushed so that every class you take yourself just a little deeper. If you are looking for a traditional yoga class, and want to learn ‘real’ yoga, Ondine and her school is the place. I am so pleased to have found the real deal in a teacher, I can’t recommend her enough.

Mary-Louise Allen

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