#1: How To Succeed As A Yoga Teacher & Business Owner

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Advice and wisdom from a veteran teacher and studio owner

This conversation is a must if you’re a new yoga teacher looking to start up a business or you’ve just finished your training and are
looking for inspiration.

Bryony Lancaster, (owner of Egg of the Universe in Sydney) and I discuss our experiences as teachers of almost 20 years, and the
realities of being in business.
We also chat about how the pandemic has changed the world of yoga, and what some of the most
important qualities a yoga teacher today needs in order to succeed.

Being in business requires so much more than just knowing how to teach classes well. It requires essential skills so you have a
firm grasp over all aspects of running a business.

What a privilege it was to chat to Bryony and draw from her wisdom and experience. I know you’ll find this conversation fascinating.

In this episode: 

  • 1:40: Bryony shares her personal yoga journey
  • 5:40: Advice on how to transition to full time teaching 
  • 10:10: How the world of yoga has changed since the pandemic
  • 20:45: Bryony discusses the evolution of her teaching career and that of Egg of the Universe 
  • 29:21: Advice around being in business as a yoga teacher and the qualities needed to be a great teacher
  • 43:28: Final words of wisdom
  • Plus so much more!

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