Transform Your Workplace Productivity With Yoga


“Everyone is under more stress now – to perform better and work more hours each day. Yoga gives workers a chance to take it all in their stride”.
–Bill Boyd, Employee Health, Director HBO, New York

Yoga: A low-cost health solution for employers

Offering yoga classes within the workplace or corporate environment is a low-cost but effective way to greatly improve your team members’ health and productivity.

Work-related stress leads to depression and reduced work performance. A staggering amount of money each year ($250 billion in the US alone) is lost due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, low morale and employee turnover.

Sitting is the new smoking: A study showed that extended sitting at a desk (5+ hours) is not only a productivity killer, it is the equivalent to smoking a packet of cigarettes! This leads to a downward spiral of your employee’s health, resulting in pain, headaches and sick leave – impacting heavily on your business.

It makes business sense to introduce yoga in the workplace: Statistics show that for every $1 invested in health and wellbeing programs, there is a documented return on investment of $3–$6.

Yoga can help all companies, whether corporate giants or small businesses – in the same way that yoga helps all people, whatever their age or fitness level.

 Key benefits of yoga in the workplace

  • Reduces stress and tension, resulting in greater productivity
  • Improves memory, mental clarity and focus
  • Improves posture, muscle tone and flexibility
  • Reduces back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Improves overall health, resulting in less sick leave
  • Increases motivation and efficiency
  • Increases positivity, morale and teamwork
  • Improves your corporate or business image


Workplace yoga proposal

Hatha Yoga Sydney offers tailored yoga classes for your team, which address their specific needs. For example, classes may focus on stiff necks and shoulders, back pain or headaches and eye strain. Individual needs are also addressed within a group setting to ensure that everyone benefits.

Stress management is integral to each class, with guided yoga relaxation to alleviate the negative effects of stress and tension.

Yoga class options

We offer the following options to suit your time/budget:

45 mins: $140 (+ GST)
60 mins: $160 (+ GST)
Package of 10 classes (45-minutes): $1,250 (+ GST)
Package of 10 classes: (60-minutes) $1,500 (+ GST)

View here for more detailed information regarding class structure, requirements and booking details

For more inspiration about the extensive benefits of yoga in the workplace, with simple tips, download and print this flyer for your staff noticeboard

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“Ondine’s classes always catered for the varying skill levels – progressing those who wished to try advanced poses, and at the same time making those new to yoga feel comfortable and involved in the class. The content differed with each class and this kept everyone interested and challenged. Ondine has a very natural way about her and a unique style, and as well as teaching us the physical poses, she passed on her wisdom regarding all aspects of yoga teachings. Previous corporate yoga classes have failed due to wavering numbers. This has never been an issue with Ondine’s class.”

– Emily McDonald, IT Trainer and Precedent Administrator, Minter Ellison Group and Associated Offices



Major companies offering yoga in the workplace

You may be interested to know that numerous companies worldwide recognise the value of offering yoga classes in the workplace, including: Google, Apple, GM, Nike, New York Police Department, IBM, Microsoft, HBO, Nike, Nexcomm, Intel, AT&T, NYNEX, Forbes, Pepsico, GE, Chase Manhattan, The White House, US Marines.

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